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Sherbrooke Avenue, Glasgow - Residential Project

‘We knew roughly what we wanted and Monica then worked it out, tweaked it, re-worked it, re- tweaked it, and so on without any fuss whilst also suggesting her own ideas as features. Even during building we were making modifications and she just accommodated it all.

Her knowledge of the Council workings meant that everything seemed to go through on the nod and she project-managed the whole thing. We had fortnightly meetings with her and the builder and she stayed on top of them so that things ran to schedule with no corners cut.

It was a pretty sizeable job, taking out the back wall of the house to create a modern extension to an otherwise old house. We deliberately wanted a contrast to our red sandstone so it’s all zinc and glass with blond sandstone facings. Monica guided us on materials, constantly updating the drawings to give us an idea of what it would look like and we now have a fantastic, bright open space where the old blends in beautifully and seamlessly with the new. Everyone who comes in just says, “Wow”.

We are so glad that we found DAM Architects. Thank you, Monica.’

M. Gaudoin - August 2014

Bray Controls (UK) Ltd – Commercial project

DAM Architects were engaged by Bray Controls (UK) LTD during 2012 and 2013 in the capacity of Architects overseeing a £2.5 million expansion of our offices and warehouse facility. The project was complicated by the fact that the one-storey offices were being converted to two-storeys and therefore detailed planning was required to achieve our move into the upstairs offices without loss of continuity of business operations.

We were delighted that our project was a huge success, the new build fully met our expectations, was fully delivered on time and culminated in a formal opening by HRH Princess Anne at the beginning of 2014!

In my experience, DAM Architects’ offering to clients incorporates some unique and desirable benefits. Monica and Fiona, due to the business model they have set up, are entirely involved in all aspects of any project from initial ideas and concepts through to full and final project completion. This ensures that no misunderstandings occur in the exchange of information and also that they are immediately available and up to speed should any issues arise. They are an extremely creative team and some of the highlights of our new premises are entirely down to the vision they had to create a special building at an affordable cost.

Monica and Fiona confront issues before they become problems and throughout our project they maintained an excellent business relationship with all parties involved and their presence ensured that everyone remained calm and what could have been a fraught experience was actually a very enjoyable one.

Should Bray embark on a future expansion, then we would fully intend to use DAM Architects, and I have no hesitation on recommending their services to any prospective client.

G. Crooks - August 2014

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